About Us

By applying our valued experiences and expertise, our group of companies provides the TIES (Total Integrated Engineering Solution) for mechanical and electrical Equipment such as valves, components of rotating and stationary machines, back-up power electronic equipment, gen-set and control process of vertical market segments such as OIL/GAS & PETROCHEMICAL, TELCO & DIT and POWER GENERATION, TRANSPORTATION & GENERAL INDUSTRIES.

Through our integrated  services we deliver complete projects and maintenance services to companies. From installation and start up through to on-going maintenance, we support customers across a wide range of industry sectors. We understand the types of challenges that many of our customers face today, such as the need to minimize downtime, enhance maintenance efficiency and decrease operational costs. It is for this reason that we work closely with our customers to ensure we understand their needs and objectives, whilst integrating with their operations in order to assist in maximizing return on investment. Our priority is to provide turn-key services that strive to perform beyond expectation. We make sure that every project is completed safely, on time, within budget, to specification and with minimal downtime. We perform to plan, delivering continuous cost improvement efficiencies, value engineering and economies of scale.
About Us

Our mission

To provide best customer service and Key Solutions Provider in Asia. The principles of our commitment are in direct reference of our six core values. These are the ones that reflect our vision and our culture. Complementing the basis of its values, a project to specify its brand attributes. This led to the definition of main principles and a key idea that are both translated in the way in which we describe Exo, its uniqueness, vision and beliefs. 

  • Independent-minded professionals eager to serve economic and social development, locally and globally.

  • The business community as a whole: global and large corporates, listed or not, small and medium enterprises, public sector entities and individuals.

  • As advisors and auditors, we foster state of the art accountability, efficient and agile structures and organizations, enhanced performance and creation of long-term value.

  • We provide innovative, tailored and global solutions to our clients in a market that is too conservative and either too fragmented (for SMEs) or too concentrated (for large corporates).

  • Combining the reliability of methodologies inspired from the most advanced auditing and advisory techniques with our capacity to co-construct and think « out of the box » and with intrinsic sense of personal responsibility and responsiveness.

  • As a global partnership: people centric, participative, transparent and multidisciplinary with expertise backed by experience.

    • Entrepreneurship and team spirit
    • Long-term vision and flexibility
    • Enthusiasm and robustness
  • Passion to build and pass the baton to the future generations.


Our Values



Ethical and moral rigor guide how we work and assist our clients.


Recognizing our clients’ situations as analogous to our own

Respect and Diversity

Being Open-Minded and listen as to lever for innovation